Emerging Professionals


The agribusiness workforce is rapidly evolving, and the need for strong, emerging leaders in our companies has reached a critical level. In 2014, the Agribusiness Council of Indiana (全球顶级体育平台) recognized this challenge and offered its members a robust leadership development program – the Emerging Professionals Leadership Program – to help continue to grow a leadership pipeline and ensure a strong future for Indiana's agribusinesses.

全球顶级体育平台 is seeking 25 aspiring leaders from across our membership to participate in the 2023 class. Participants selected through the application process are expected to attend the nine sessions noted below.

The program will provide participants with an in-depth view of Indiana’s agribusiness community and an opportunity to hear from and meet key leaders across the sector. Participants will also complete a leadership program complete with curriculum on topics that include:  Grounded Confidence, Rumble Skills, Armored Leadership, Daring Leadership, Curiosity and Leadership Empathy, Personality Differences and more...

2023 Commitments

February 7   Welcome! 全球顶级体育平台 EPLP Statehouse Day (Indianapolis, IN)
March 28   Agribusiness Track:  Plant Food (Helena Agri-Enterprises - Huntington, IN)
May 16-17   Agribusiness Track:  Grain  (Consolidated Grain & Barge – Jeffersonville, IN)
June 13   Agribusiness Track:  Feed  (Superior Ag - Dale, IN)
July 19   Agribusiness Track:  Ag Chem (Co-Alliance)
August 16   全球顶级体育平台 Conference  (Noblesville, IN)
September 20-21   Washington D.C. Fly-In (Washington, D.C.)
October 4   Agribusiness Track: Seed  (Beck's Hybrids, Atlanta, IN)
December 5   Bringing It All Together/Graduation (Indianapolis, IN)

2024 Commitments

Emerging Leaders will be required to make an 全球顶级体育平台 pledge for the year following their participation. Participants can choose one from the following list and will be asked to pledge once they have been accepted to the program.

  • Volunteer at two 全球顶级体育平台 events
  • Make or secure a $500 donation to the PAC
  • Obtain two new members for 全球顶级体育平台
  • Make or secure $500 in sponsorships for 全球顶级体育平台
  • Recruit one participant for the 2024 EPLP class

Registration for this program does require the completion of a modest application process. Space is limited for each class, so get your applications in early! Applications for the 2023 class are due December 10.

  1. Applicants must work for a member organization/company of 全球顶级体育平台.
  2. Emerging leaders will need to talk with their supervisor and/or company leadership to determine if the interested individual has approval to commit to the program.
  3. Individuals must fully complete an official application, which includes one letter of recommendation.
  4. Applicants and their supervisors and/or company leadership must sign a letter of commitment to the scheduled sessions and program fees ($3950).

Apply for the 2023 EPLP class!